What We Do




Whether it is a brand new boat from a factory to a client, a pre-owned vessel that needs to be relocated or you just want your boat to be taken to the Whitsundays or where ever for your holidays, I am your man. Low overheads mean a competitive price, repeat and regular customers can take advantage of my Frequent User program to further reduce their costs. To obtain a same day quote just click here.


Going away for a few days, give me a list of food and beverage, I will source it and make sure it is put away, just walk on, turn the key- and go. Want some paddle boards or sail boards for the weekend, just let me know, they will all be there, on-board when you arrive.


You are too busy to be taking time away from your business to slip your boat or hang around waiting for mechanics to service or affect repairs. I can organise it all for you, meet the trades and supervise to make sure it is done right and with the minimum wasted time. When it comes to antifouling the hull I will take your boat around to the slipway and bring it back to your berth when it is finished, you don’t pay me for the whole day, just the time I am actually doing something (minimum 3 hrs.). Your boat is for you to enjoy, not worry about.


Are you missing out on the fun, drinking orange juice while your guests are enjoying a cold beer or a few glasses of wine, what is the point of owning a boat if everybody gets more enjoyment from it than you? For a lot less than you think you can have an experienced skipper on board, when you feel like it, just hand over control and relax knowing you and your passengers are in safe hands. You will find me unobtrusive and accommodating, help with the Bar-B-Q, keep an eye on the kids when they are swimming, take people ashore. Your own skipper- don’t you deserve that? If you want me to stay aboard overnight- no problem, I will bed down on the fly- bridge or afterdeck and keep an eye on things if the weather blows up. The hourly rate goes down considerably after the first eight hours.